19 comments on “new poem “THE YOUTH OF TODAY”

  1. Really enjoyed that! …I am looking for inspiration to write the regeneration of youthful dreams and energy into my own poems. Your poem embraces the psychology of today and the dead end … when respect, is but a set of blinders, the old expect everyone to wear out of fear. It is obvious to many of us that there is much hope for a beautiful future, but repressive, depressing institutions still guide our young. We must all lend our voice to get youth inspired to save this planet! It’s their’s to have. Your poem gives me a lot of thought!

  2. Its a very nice poem. Dealing with practical problems n a good inspiration too for the young people .
    In short it is totally awesome.

  3. Wow! this is a great piece, a must read for every 21st century youth. great job big bro. am inspired.

  4. uhe poem is professional and true, hope tht the youth read it and undrstand it. Thnx Barry.

  5. Amazing as part of the youth of today I totally agree that society needs to change and that it starts with us and that one by one we have to better ourselves first in order to better society. For the world to become a better place

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