Its Wednesday the 10th of April 1912, I hold my Son’s hand as crowds of passengers are acting all frantic;

My Son and I stand quietly at the waterfront, waiting patiently to board Titanic.

Today is a new beginning, the first day of our new life;

Last week my Son had to say goodbye to his Mother, whilst I had to say goodbye to my Wife.

In my hand I hold three tickets, but only two of us are here today;

Her fever got higher and higher, until one morning I kissed her goodbye, just as she passed away.

As we walk up the ramp boarding the ship, my Son turns around whispering “Mummy, I will miss you, I hope you like your new home in the sky”;

Just then floating past us, was the most beautiful butterfly.

Hustling and bustling through the hallways, finding our cabin way down on the decks below;

We hear a loud horn blast three times, which means it’s time for us to go.

My Son looks sad, sat on the bed, his bottom lip trembling as his eyes drop a single sorry tear;

I kneel down in front of him whispering “what’s a matter Son”, he replies “I just wish that my Mum was here”.


I hug him as tears fill my eyes, but I promised myself to never let him see me cry;

I swallow the lump in my throat, as I tremble out “I know Son, and so do I”.

We walk up on deck, everyone is waving goodbye to their loved ones, and the air is filled with excited whistling screams;

I pick up my Son and say “make a wish and it will come true, as we are board the ship of dreams”.

He closes his eyes tight, before opening them back up saying “done”, I ask him what he wished for, a new bike or to live forever;

He just shakes his head and says “nope”, I just wished that me, you and Mum, were all back together”.

The days are spent teaching my Son the gift of how to read and write;

As the sunsets over the horizon, I would lay awake, whilst the ship cuts through the waves at night.

I was writing in my journal in the middle of the night, when a crunching, crashing noise makes my pen slip from the page, I can hear shouting coming from the deck up top;

Shudders rumble through the decks, and then the engines stop.

My Son sits up in his bed, rubbing his eyes with both hands, asking why people were shouting from the upper deck;

I tell him to lie back down, whilst I go up top to check.

Whispers echo through the hallways, the unsinkable ship is going down, after crashing into a berg made from ice;

I can’t believe what I am hearing, so I have to ask them twice.

I run up to a group of white star cabin crew, asking them what’s gone wrong;

They say “just make your way back to your cabin, and put your life jacket on”.

I run back to my cabin, my Son is looking so scared, I say “we need to get up on deck and find a life boat”;

I try to talk calmly, but it’s so hard when you have a lump in your throat.

I put my life jacket around my Son, pick him up and rush through the hallways, where we are greeted by a crowd of passengers, all shouting behind a locked gate;

The crew members all shouting for us to stay calm down here, strangers are now in control of our fate.

After hours of pushing, screaming and shouting, all the trapped passengers overwhelm the hallways, pushing forward, causing the gate to fall;

People start to scream, as we see the water come trickling down our hall.

The door crashes open to the fresh air, people running and screaming as all the life boats have gone, full of the rich, leaving all of the poor;

People are panicking, pushing children over, and just leaving them to cry alone on the wooden floor.

I kneel down in front of my Son, and as I tighten up his life belt our eyes lock, his blue lips tremble “Daddy, what are we going to do”;

I hold him tightly and whisper “no matter what, I promise I will never let go of you”.

Waves start to break over the front of the ship, making their way up to the hundreds of people praying;

There is no place to run, as my Son asks “Dad, why are all the musicians still playing”.

The waves are getting closer, we keep backing away, but on a ship there are only so many places to hide;

The front of the ship disappears into the sea, as I crouch down protecting my Son as he cried.


Titanic starts to sink to the depths, causing the rear of the ship to soar high into the sky;

I try to hold on to the barrier, as my Son screams out “Daddy, please don’t let go of me, I don’t want to die”.

We slide down, splashing into the freezing waves, as we face the stars, looking up at the rear of the ship, sitting upright hundreds of feet in the air;

I grab my Sons life jacket as I swim, pulling him into the darkness, until the skies light up from another red flare.

All the lights go out, leaving my Son bobbing in the darkness whilst I tread water, trying to keep my head from a watery grave;

Whistles and screams echo out, hundreds of people splashing in the darkness, each have a dream to save.

Rumbling splashing noises drown out our cries, as the ship of dreams sinks to the bottom of the Atlantic Sea;

I try to hug up to my Son as he cries out, “Daddy I’m so scared, please don’t leave me”.

It’s so cold, I can’t feel my legs, my Son has stopped crying, as he looks towards the night sky;

His purple lips tremble out “look Daddy, I can see a butterfly”.

I hold him close as I tremble out “no matter what happens, I will not let you go, not now, not ever”;

His head doesn’t stop facing the stars as he whispers, “Daddy my wish is coming true, me, you and Mummy are all going to be back together”.

Tears fall from my eyes, as I cry “Son please don’t say that, we are going to be alright”;

 No reply leaves his lips, as darkness descends across my night.


I hold him tightly, shouting “please Son wake up”, his freezing body just bobs in the water, as his head falls back further to face the sky;

I hold him tighter, begging him to wake up, as I break into tears and cry.

I can’t hold on any longer, but I promised my Son I would never let him go;

My hands tremble, as I take off his life jacket, I kiss him gently on the cheek, as we sink down beneath the waves below.

The stars become a blur underneath the waves, I close my eyes, as the water turns into clouds, I see my Son and Wife walking towards me, as I drop to my knees to cry;

My Son whispers “Daddy my wish did come true”, as I finish writing you this letter, from my new home in the sky.



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